Spirits 3.0


We're redefining how people create spirits. Working with our principle scientist Anthony we've turned the concept of distillation on its head. We call it Fractionation.

We are the only people in the world who use this method. Welcome to Spirits 3.0.


Source the best approach

Whether it's agave from Tequila, a mixture of grain from Somerset or botanicals from Germany, quality is always the foundation of all our spirits.


Create the base spirit

Careful fermentation of raw ingredients and fermenting them with yeast and sugar to produce alcohol. Accessing a variety of yeast strains is a key component of this process as it allows for a different result in the final flavour.



A crucial and unique stage where we extract flavour from ingredients. Using a cone that's like a centrifuge, and through speed, they can fractionate each of the flavour molecules out of the alcohol and distil them down into water.


Fractionated flavour keys

Fractionation allows us to pull 65% more of the volatiles, resulting in a much more concentrated flavour. Each ingredient is fractionated into different flavour keys.



It wouldn't be a spirit without distillation. We now distil all of the flavour keys and bring them up to alcohol strength but we break the heart into 70 different components.



We finally mix the distillates and base spirit where our final spirit sits at 60% ABV. We then choose to 'quarter it' and bring it down to our desired strength of 15% ABV.