• What is Quarter?

    At Quarter we focus us on creating the spirits you know and love, but with just a quarter of the alcohol. The non-alcoholic spirits left us missing the buzz and flavour, but the harder stuff left us with a few regrets. We wanted to turn the spirits industry on its head and thought it was about time that someone entered no man’s land and created something in the middle.

  • How is Quarter made?

    Our first product, Quarter London Dry, is made using the typical premium Gin method of copper pot distillation. We source the best ingredients we can find, to ensure that our flavour really sings. These botanicals are then taken and distilled in a copper pot still in Leicestershire, UK.

  • Why is it called London Dry?

    For a drink to be classed as a Gin, European law states that it must contain 37.5% alcohol and have a predominant flavour of Juniper. Quarter has a strong hit of Juniper and tastes just like a Gin, but at 12%, we've had to think of a more original way to describe what is inside our London Dry. The dash is also a nod back to the Quarter strength and how we play within the fractions of alcohol.

  • What does Quarter taste like?

    From the moment you hear the pop of our cork, your nose will be filled with the aromas of juniper,  coriander,  sweet orange and grapefruit peel. When you take that first sip, you will taste a traditional London Dry, experiencing the same warmth, viscosity and mouthfeel on the palette as you would a full strength gin. Our citrusy hit will cut nicely through tonics, sodas and in cocktails, delivering a refreshingly light take on all the classics.

  • Which ingredients are used in Quarter?

    Natural botanicals (juniper, coriander, angelica, orange peel, grapefruit peel, capsicum) and natural extracts. Nutrition: 19 kcals per 25ml / 76kcals per 100ml. Fully Vegan, no sugar, no salts, no fats and no nasties!

  • How would you drink Quarter?

    Due to the level of alcohol and flavour in our products we would recommend substituting Quarter into any cocktail you would typically create. It will taste the same but not give you that nasty hangover!

    We would always suggest pouring a double serve, which is 50ml.

  • Does Quarter contain alcohol?

    Yes all Quarter spirits are 12% ABV.

  • How do I store Quarter?

    We'd recommend storing Quarter somewhere cool and dark, like your bar top, book case or booze cupboard. Like all spirits, we'd recommend shaking the bottle before pouring it out (this ensures all the flavour is back in the liquid).

  • How do I become a stockist?

    Drop us an email at hello@quarterproof.com with some information on your business & we will connect you with the right member of our team.

  • Will you be bringing out any new products in the future?

    We currently only have one product, which is our Quarter London Dry, but we are busy working on new spirits to add to the line-up as we speak. Watch this space.

  • How do I cancel my subscription?

    We use a platform called Recharge to handle all of our subscriptions. We want our members to have full flexibility, so please feel free to amend or cancel your subscription at any time. To cancel please see instructions here