What is Quarter?

A collection of modern 15% ABV spirits.

Why the name Quarter?

All our spirits are carefully distilled to 60% ABV before we blend them to 15% ABV.

What is spirits 3.0?

First there were the spirits we know and love. Then there was non-alcoholic spirits. We believe there’s a third way – the antidote to ‘all-or-nothing’ drinking.

Why 15% ABV?

15% is the perfect ABV to deliver maximum flavour and functionality.

How is Quarter made?

Read here on our process.

Are your products safe for pregnant women?

All of our spirits contain less alcohol than their counterparts. We have pregnant friends who love Quarter but ultimately we’ll leave that decision to you.

Does Quarter contain sugar?

No, we never add anything additional to our spirits. All of our spirits contain naturally
occurring sugars from alcohol but absolutely nothing else.


Being lower in alcohol, naturally all of our spirits are lower in calories.


Yes all of our spirits are vegan.

Artificial preservatives?

No we do not add any preservatives or anything artificial into our spirits.

Manage subscription?

You should receive an email from Recharge Subscription. If you're struggling to access it, please email hello@quarterproof.com.