Sunday Series | Henry Hales, Founder of Sirplus

We caught up with Henry Hales, Founder of men’s clothing brand, Sirplus. From humble beginnings selling boxer shorts made from surplus shirt fabrics, Sirplus has evolved into a renowned British clothing brand that makes mens tailorwear and clothing with 7 stores across London. Read on to find out what he told us.

Henry, can you start by introducing yourself? 

My name is Henry, and I run a brand called Sirplus, which started about 12 years ago buying surplus shirts from shirt makers and tailors, making them into boxer shorts and selling them on Portobello Road and at other markets. It's evolved into a full range of men's clothing, still using surplus materials, but also using natural and organic yarns and other fabrics from mills and merchants. We've got six shops in London and an online business.

What does Sunday mean to you?

Sunday is a day of no pressure. Anything you do, you can hopefully do at a leisurely pace. 

What does your perfect Sunday look like?

My actual Sunday or my perfect Sunday? That's tough. 

If everyone had a dream World, we’d sort of all be on a yacht in Majorca but sadly that hasn’t happened so I guess my perfect but realistic Sunday would be to wake up a little later than normal and have a big breakfast. There was a while when we'd cook downstairs, bring it upstairs and put our little one in the high chair next to the bed but unfortunately she can climb out of it now so it doesn't work.. Then I’d probably go for a run, head out to Queen’s Park Farmers market, have a nice lunch and fall asleep watching a film in the afternoon. 

Who do you most like to spend time with on the day of rest?

I’ve got a two and a half year old called Cosima. I like spending time with her in the park and obviously my wife. Sometimes my mum, too. But yeah, that’s pretty much what we’re doing. Sometimes we'll go and see other friends if they've got kids or if I’m allowed to let loose, I might go and see some mates but it’s rare (well no, not that rare). 

As someone who runs a clothing brand, what does your Sunday get up look like? 

Yeah, I think it depends. If you're just around the house, it's nice to be casual. If you're going out, it's nice to make an effort, put on a nice suit or something smart.


What are your favourite spots to visit/hangout on a Sunday?

I mean has anyone ever done an interview and not mentioned Queen's Park farmers market? Sometimes we go there or I head over to one of our cafes - Sirplus has a separate business running cafes and we’ve got two of them at the moment in Islington and Picadilly - so yeah, I’ll take Cosy down to one of those. They do a good Baby Chino and a decent Flat White.  

The Island is also a great spot too, which is a couple of minutes walk from us; and the good old Labrach Arms which is near our old studio. 

What music are you playing on a Sunday? If it could be a song, what would it be (apart from the obvious!)

We used to listen to a lot of Cat Stevens when I was very, very young. And he was playing at Glastonbury last year and I got back into Cat Stevens. It's good Sunday music. 

Is there anything you absolutely must do on a Sunday, to make it a Sunday?

Yeah, I've got two quite boring ones actually.. We have a family meeting - I just bring my list and we figure out what’s happening in the week; and I lay my outfits out. I saw it on the Beckham documentary and thought that was quite impressive so I started doing it. 

What's your favourite Quarter cocktail?

I mean a Gin & Tonic is an easy one to get right with decent glasses. Or a Negroni if we’re feeling old fashioned.