Sunday Series | Amelia Christie-Miller, Founder of Bold Bean Co

We caught up with Amelia Christie Miller, Founder of Bold Bean Co - the brand on a mission to make us all obsessed with beans - to find out what her perfect Sunday looks like. Inspired by British Chefs and restaurants; Amelia founded Bold Bean Co. in 2021 after a bean epiphany in Spain, where she realised that beans could be the answer to many problems facing food systems Worldwide. Read on to find out what she told us. 

Can you start by introducing yourself? 

My name is Amelia and I am the founder of Bold Bean Co. We're on a mission to make you obsessed with beans! We have a cookbook and sell premium jarred beans that taste so good you can eat them from the jar. 

What does your perfect Sunday look like? 

Ideally, I'll have a bit of a lie in.Then I'm feeling great because - hopefully - I haven't drunk too much the day before. If it's sunny, I love getting out and just going for a walk, grabbing a coffee. What's so nice about Golborne Road is there's so much going on. I'll go to Laylas (hopefully there's no queue) and probably grab a loaf to make brunch at home. 

What is an absolute must on a Sunday? 

The main difference is probably getting a physical copy of the newspaper on a Sunday... I love getting The Sunday Times with all its trimmings. 

What's on for dinner on Sunday? 

There's a dish that I absolutely love making, which is Miso Beans. You basically cook butter and miso down with some onion and garlic and tumble in a whole jar with all of the bean stock. It turns into this deeply savoury porridge of beans. You can have it on the sofa and it's super cosy and warming. Just delicious. 

Bold Bean Miso Beans and Quarter Proof Tequila