We asked ourselves, why are spirits so goddang strong?

It’s a tough question and it turns out no one had actually thought of it before. Rewind to late 2020 when we started to do some digging and discovered that in terms of ABV, it was either ALL or NOTHING! So we decided to shake up the spirits industry and create the first quarter spirits brand.

Old friends,
NEW purpose

Fabian and Rohan have been best pals for 22 years, so it was about time they went into business together. Fabian loves a weekday cocktail but is a bit of an amateur athlete. Rohan was an All or NOTHING drinker for many years, which wasn’t sustainable. They’re now officially Quarter spirits converts ;)

Out with the old,
in with the new

We believe traditional spirits were created for a different time. Quarter is a manifestation of today’s needs, and proves that spirits don’t have to be full-strength to taste delicious and give you an amazing buzz. We stick to the traditional methods and distill all of our spirits to the highest quality to give you that lip smacking cocktail experience you’re looking for.

1/4 Spirits.
Finally, just right

Secretly intimidated by cocktails?

Find spirits too strong?

Think rules are there to be broken?

Eat oranges?

If you’ve answered yes to the above (well, asides from the last one), you’ve come to the right place!


Who likes counting? We got bored at 1 and decided that cocktails are there to be enjoyed, not counted. At Quarter, you can now enjoy guilt free sipping, so kick back, sip slow and low, and thanks us later ;)